Traditional, epicurean, dynamic and sportive!

It is largely by these words that we can define Lyon and its region.

We have therefore been inspired by these strong and beloved symbols to think of our brand "Allez Les Gones ! ».

Traditional :

Strong place of the fabric trade and especially silk for several centuries, what could be more logical than to develop a Lyonnais textile brand! Highlighting its districts (Croix-rousse, Presqu'île, Vieux Lyon ...), its history (industrial, resistant, gastronomic ...) and its territories (Rhone Valley, Beaujolais, Dombes ...) are for us a way to live its traditions and wear them proudly. 

Epicurean :

World capital of gastronomy, stronghold of the great Mr Paul Bocuse and crossroads of exceptional terroirs, Lyon shines by its good life and its festivity. From the traditional mâchons at Mr Paul's market, to our avant-garde food-courts to the Beaujolais Nouveau... All the reasons are good to celebrate our terroir with family and friends at any time of the day or night! Through our brand, we wish to highlight the symbols that make the singularity of the People of Lyon.        

Dynamic :

Since many years, the city has regained its brightness and is renewing its past as an attractive city (Capital of the Gauls in antiquity, major city of exhibitions in the Middle Ages), our beautiful city was notably elected "European Capital of Smart Tourism 2019", "Best European Weekend Destination 2016", "Best City of France to live in 2017" ... Our city is no longer a well-kept secret and knows how to open itself to the world.

Sportive: the city's trademark

It is present through the men's and women's sections of the city's major clubs, and has a strong presence throughout France, Europe and the world... From rugby to soccer, basketball, boule Lyonnaise or jousts, the city is well represented on all fields! These results have been forged by the "Allez les gones" of our loved ones. These typically Lyonnais encouragements which resounded in all the districts of the city, from the boulodromes of the Croix Rousse, to the banks of Confluence, the velodrome of the Parc de la Tête d'Or, to the fields of the playground of Gerland...

It is these "Allez les Gones" that will have marked our youth and will in turn mark the memories of our children! Our collections represent Lyon and the whole of its region, places full of history and traditions, which make it an atypical, singular and rich territory.

« Allez les Gones ! » : it is the brand of the people of Lyon,

lovers of this region and all those who recognize themselves in its symbols!